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Why bother with a seat at the table if you have NO VOICE?

Anand K. Chandaranda, Workforce Analytics Consultant, posted a great opinion piece on a recent LinkedIn blogHe asks: "So, how does HR gain its voice at the table?  Quite obviously, by being able to say something that people with decision-making power can't ignore, forces action, and makes them want to hear what you have to say next.  When it comes to telling a story, particularly a story based on data, a picture may say a thousand words, but... those words have to have a clear and concise meaning, enlighten the audience, and ultimately lead to some sort of action or improvement."  He further writes "So, if you happen to be sitting at HR's seat at the table, our industry's seat, for the bneefit of all of us . . . make sure your voice is heard and makes a difference.  Continue to bring fresh ideas and the latest research on talent management with yoiu, but make sure you also deliver data-driven insights and provide strategic driven recommendations specific to your industry and your organization's current situation (i.e. not one size-fits-all "best practices"). You want your voice to be heard? Then I suggest keeping this quote from Jim Barksdale (former CEO of Netscape) in mind: "If we have data, let's look at data.  If all we have is opinions, let's go with mine". Finally, he adds "Make sure your recommendations generate real value and have measurable impacts (tangible or intangible with quantifiable ROI calculations preferred) on your workforce, your organization, and the KPIs that matter most to your company (i.e., not just HR metrics):  metrics like revenue, profits, market share, earnings per share, customer satisfaction/retention, etc."

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