The Comptryx Report


Comptryx is a groundbreaking workforce analytics product that provides benchmarking and insights into workforce cost and optimization. The product is comprised of three components:

Global Pay 

Workforce Metrics Benchmarking 

Labor Cost Modeling


With Workforce Analytics becoming a critical component of HR strategy in many companies, Comptryx was created to provide the competitive data for external benchmarking.   So, while traditional salary surveys  can price jobs and estimate a company’s overall pay position in the market, Comptryx opens a whole new perspective on competitive analysis with the reporting of Workforce Metrics.   These aren’t the typical HR metrics which measure HR operations; they provide a broad company-wide perspective with the goal of full organizational optimization.

Comptryx takes a typical data submission except that we collect data on ALL employees, not just those in benchmark jobs.  Companies can select the yearly cycle that fits their needs.  Comptryx refreshes the master database several times per year with data from both new participants and refreshed information from existing customers.

We follow strict processes to ensure confidentiality and data protection, and follow the US DOJ’s Safe Harbor guidelines on data reporting in the US.  We do not collect personalized information or report line item detail.

Comptryx is affordably priced based on the company’s size and global presence.  The participation fee (see link) includes a 12 month subscription to our web based reporting tool, unlimited users, and one select peer cut.

With our first data results released in September 2011, we have quickly attracted an impressive customer list representing the premier technology firms of all sizes and sectors.   The result is a robust global database exceeding 3 million employee records in 150 countries.

Comptryx has raised the bar of what you can expect from a global salary survey, and can help HR elevate their contribution to the company.