The Comptryx Report

Global Pay

The core of the Comptryx Report is a newly designed global pay resource for technology focused companies that covers:

  • All jobs including 250+ functions in R&D, IT, Technical Support, Administration, Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Professional Services, Sales, etc.
  • All levels including Executives (4), Management (6), Professional (8) and Support (5).
  • All locations including 100+ countries, and over 150 cities and regions.

Comptryx utilizes a standardized approach to defining jobs and levels allowing customers to easily match jobs and determine market values across a variety of pay elements including:  base salary, short and long term incentives, allowances, car allowances, promotions, benefits fringe amounts and “Total Cost to Company”.  Pay elements are reported for the 5th thru 95th percentiles and include breakouts for industry segment, company size, new hires and top performers.  One free custom peer database is also included in the annual subscription.  

We use state-of-the-art technology for powerful query and reporting capability so you can price Software Engineers in Russia, or more generally, sales management across all of Europe. Comptryx is all about innovation, so we also report pay data by gender, top performers and new hires.



... or make more general cost comparisons of general roles and locations


Comptryx GSS cost comparisons by general roles and locations