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Athens, Greece: Mercer | Comptryx -Breakfast Seminar - Workforce Metrics

Please join us at Aegli Zappiou in Athens, Greece on Thursday, November 23 from 9:00 to 11:30 AM for this informative event. We will cover a wide variety of Workforce Metrics topics and answer questions such as: How your people costs compare to the norms in your industry? The cost-impact of a high or low span of control? If you are losing employees at a higher rate than your peers in a particular level, function, job or location?  The ideal size and structure of your workforce?

Also, representatives from Printec Group will share a case study on how they use Mercer | Comptryx for compensation benchmarking.

To register, contact Eneias Strakoshia via email at or call +30 2011 4110900.