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Comptryx offers customized Workforce Review

If you are a Comptryx customer, you are entitled to schedule a no-charge, customized "Workforce Review" that compares your organization against the market on "people" costs, and then analyzes all the factors that drives that result.  We highlight the difference between pay competitiveness and costs, compare your payroll cost to market, and then show how your employees are distributed by level, allocated by function, and deployed by location.  Finally, we take a look at the demographic profile of your organization compares to the competition, and how that supports your HR strategy.  Our objective in offering this session is to highlight the full menu of metrics available in our system so that you can take maximum advantage of your Comptryx subscription.  We present to you in an on-line meeting that lasts about 45 minutes, and we encourage you to invite your HR Mgmt to attend.  To schedule your Workforce Review, please contact